Sure Seal® Silicone Coatings

TRUCO Coatings presents outstanding Sure Seal® Silicone Roof Coatings. With convenience in mind, our Silicone coatings can be applied without a primer and hang on peaks & sloped roofs without any sagging.

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Silicone Roof Coating Benefits

Energy Savings – Save energy and money by installing silicone coating that reflects UV rays and keeps the roof surface cool.

Flexibility – Silicone coatings expand and contract alongside weather conditions without ensuing damage. This trait makes our silicone products a great choice for buildings located in fluctuating climates.

Water Resistant – Once our silicone coating is applied and cured, leaks are no longer an issue. Even ponding water can’t get in, because without seams, there’s no way through.

Avoid Costly Replacements – Restoring your roof with silicone roof coating can extend its life by 15 years and do so at a more cost-effective price than a full replacement.

Zero Down Time – Go on with business as usual as your roof is repaired to its fully-functional state. The minimal disruptions and short project duration make this an easy project to check off your list.

Easy Installation – Prep the surface area by power washing, apply primer if needed, then apply the silicone coating. It’s that simple. No major structural changes are necessary.

Re-Application – Within 10-15 years of applying silicone roof coating, you can spray the roof surface with a new coating, right over the existing coating. After that, it will protect your roof for another 10-15 years.

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