How Long Does Silicone Roof Coating Last?

July 21, 2022

How long does silicone roof coating last? An average of 15 years. That’s 15 years of extending the life of the existing roof while simultaneously protecting it from further damage.

How to Apply a Rubber Roof Coating

July 14, 2022

Rubber roof coating, also known as elastomeric roof coating, adheres best when it’s applied in warm, dry conditions. A sunny day with temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees will work best. You’ll have an advantage if you plan this project during a favorable time of year.

Best Liquid Rubber Roof Coating

July 7, 2022

If you’re searching for the best liquid rubber roof coating, you’ve found it. TRUCO Coatings’ tested formula adheres well to almost any surface and protects it from damage, making it a smart choice for any roof type. It also protects flat roofs from damage due to severe weather, long-term weather exposure and accidents.

Liquid Rubber Roof Coatings from TRUCO Coatings

June 30, 2022

Every roof suffers wear and tear from the elements. Whether it’s temperature fluctuations that cause it to expand and contract or harsh UV rays that break down materials, no roof is exempt from aging. When you start to consider roof replacement, though, take a look at restoration instead. 

How to Fix a Commercial Roof Leak

June 23, 2022

The roof is the most vulnerable part of any commercial facility. It takes a beating from the elements, both day and night, without protection. Its job is to protect everything else: the building contents, employees, and patrons. An in-tact roof is essential to the business’ livelihood. That’s why a leaking roof needs to be addressed right away — to limit the amount of damage to the building, both physically and monetarily.

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