SPF (Foam) Roofs

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing systems are greatly affected by wind, sunlight, moisture, humidity and the roof’s surface temperature. Our roof coating systems offer an easy-to-apply solution to protect your SPF roof from damage and deterioration. Save money on a full tear-off with strong, flexible SEBS and Silicone roof coatings from TRUCO Coatings — and ensure your roof can withstand harsh weather conditions for years to come.

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THE SPF ROOFING SYSTEM: is based on quality of product, quality of pre-engineering, quality of applicator performance and quality of service to its customer. Applications achieving these standards and the good roofing practices as mandate in the industry by organizations such as the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance and the National Roofing Association allow TRUCO's to provide to it’s customers meaningful warranties.

MONITORING: The second component to a successful Sprayed-in-place Polyurethane Foam Roofing System is the systematic and documented monitoring of the installation. TRUCO's established policy dictates that a thorough review and documentation of each installation be conducted.This involves the completion of daily quality control reports, photographs and sampling of the completed phasing of applications. TRUCO believes that performance and longevity of service life of it’s system is assured through periodic inspections of the completed installation.

PRE-ENGINEERING: As a component to success, every roofing application is carefully reviewed beforehand. Whether the application is involving new or existing construction, specific items such as proper slope to drain, penetration and termination details, roof composite, revalue, protective coating system and expected warranty are considered. Review of existing construction may require a moisture survey to be conducted. Exact specifications are formulated based on current conditions, recommendations and the customer’s needs. This application will proceed under the direction of an approved applicator and TRUCO's representative.

ADVANTAGES: Resists wind uplift, Seamless, Highest “R” value, Ease of maintenance, Lightweight, Eliminates ponding water, Self-flashing and versatile, Long lasting.

Benefits of TRUCO Roof Coatings

Coating systems can deliver a wide range of benefits for building owners willing to consider a pro-active approach to their roofs and sidewalls.   Aside from leak protection, the fundamental benefit of asset preservation is first and foremost.  Roof replacement is a costly proposition.  If the roof can be preserved via a timely, quality minded coating effort, the savings can be substantial.   In most instances metal roofs and single-ply membranes can be coated and preserved indefinitely.  In fact, the mechanical fastening systems and glues (associated with fully adhered membranes) will likely present a greater design challenge over a 40 or 50 year time span than the preservation of the roofing material itself.  Additionally, buildings that draw air from the roof or with rooftop AC units will achieve substantial energy savings when highly reflective white or pastel shades are used over black or conductive metal surfaces.

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