TPO Single-Ply Roofs

Prolonged exposure to UV radiation from the sun can take a toll on TPO single-ply roofing systems,causing them to chalk heavily and develop pinholes and surface cracks. When the reinforcement scrim is exposed, the roofing membrane fails. TRUCO Coatings elastomeric roof coating not only protects TPO roofing from the sun, but also resists moisture and extreme weather for lasting durability. Silicone solutions for commercial building roofs provide long-lasting leak protection.

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TRUCO's Eterna-Seal rubber coatings provide a proven, economical alternative to hypalon roof replacement. Introduced in the early 80’s as an alternative to EPDM, Hypalon quickly gained a substantial share of the commercial/industrial roofing market. It’s heat weld-able seam and white color were preferred by many roofing specifiers to black membranes that rely on adhesives for seam integrity.

Of course, all roofing materials have a limited life cycle. Extended weathering of Hypalon (also known as CSPE or chlorosulfinated Polyethylene) has revealed substantial chalking of the membrane as a consequence of prolonged UV exposure. Such was the case at SQUARE D Corporation in Knightdale, NC. As the sheet aged, the Chalking became more pronounced. Rain washed away loose chalk, leaving the membrane thinner. Left unchecked, the membrane eventually forms small pinholes. Once the pin holing is sufficient to reach the reinforcing fabric, moisture can then wick through the scrim and drop into insulating boards via the fastener.

In some cases, deterioration of the insulation and corrosion of the fastener can occur without substantial evidence of leaks within the building. A timely diagnosis of the roof assembly, including a moisture scan and calibration of the membranes current mil thickness is recommended. Resurfacing Hypalon roof membranes with TRUCO's non-chalking Eterna-Seal coatings is an unobtrusive ( no down time within the facility) proven (29 year track record), and economical (approx. 1/3 replacement cost) solution. Roofs are expensive. The maintenance and restoration of these membranes can result in savings measured not in hundreds or thousands of dollars, but in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Benefits of TRUCO Roof Coatings

Coating systems can deliver a wide range of benefits for building owners willing to consider a pro-active approach to their roofs and sidewalls.   Aside from leak protection, the fundamental benefit of asset preservation is first and foremost.  Roof replacement is a costly proposition.  If the roof can be preserved via a timely, quality minded coating effort, the savings can be substantial.   In most instances metal roofs and single-ply membranes can be coated and preserved indefinitely.  In fact, the mechanical fastening systems and glues (associated with fully adhered membranes) will likely present a greater design challenge over a 40 or 50 year time span than the preservation of the roofing material itself.  Additionally, buildings that draw air from the roof or with rooftop AC units will achieve substantial energy savings when highly reflective white or pastel shades are used over black or conductive metal surfaces.

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