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For more than 40 years, TRUCO Coatings has been manufacturing high quality roof coating solutions for contractors, building owners, property managers, architects and consultants.

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Imagine what's possible using TRUCO Coatings.

Transform your deteriorating roof into impermeable, attractive surfaces for half the cost of a roof replacement!

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Manufacturing high quality coating systems since 1978.

TRUCO Coatings provides sustainable, state-of-the-art solutions to the problems associated with aged Metal Roofs, Hypalon®, TPO, EPDM Single-Ply Membranes, BUR, Smooth and Granulated Modified Bitumen & Spray Polyurethane Foam.

It is a liquid-applied thermoplastic (SEBS) rubber roofing system formulated to provide a durable, vapor barrier. The system cures to form a seamless rubber membrane which not only waterproofs and protects the roof, but also offers reflectivity to reduce thermal movement and cool ambient air temperatures at AC intakes.

Cost Effective & Affordable

A fraction of the cost it takes for a total tear off and roof replacement. TRUCO Coatings will save you on labor costs & landfill expenses with no interruption to normal business operations.

Restore & Protect

TRUCO Coatings create a waterproof and seamless membrane, preventing building & inventory damage from leaks, mold and rust.

Environmentally Responsible

TRUCO Coating systems will help lower energy costs and eliminate the issue of waste and disposal of the old decking and roofing system, resulting in a reduced impact on the environment.


Get the best coatings for the job.

Designed for Professionals, TRUCO Coatings has a complete portfolio of high quality coatings for any substrate, size and location. Our coatings are designed for easier installations and less labor while providing peace of mind with the best warranties in the industry.

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