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With prolonged exposure to sun and weather, metal roofing systems inevitably deteriorate overtime — developing leaks, rust and corrosion. Years of heat-related expansion and contraction also loosen seams and fasteners, potentially damaging the roof and building structure. Whether you have a new metal roof or one in need of reinforcements, you can protect it and extend its lifespan with TRUCO Coatings easy-to-apply SEBS and Silicone roof coatings.

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Metal building owners have a wide variety of roofing systems to choose from. but few have been designed specifically for the restoration and maintenance of metal roofs. Instead traditional roofing materials have been forced to conform with the unique requirements of the metal substrate. Aesthetic considerations aside, asphalt coatings are too brittle to bridge thermal-induced movement along seams, end laps, fastener heads, and roof protrusions. While single-ply systems provide a durable membrane, these materials were not designed for use over corrugated, irregular surfaces. Single-ply installations depend upon a flat surface mechanically fastened to the existing metal deck, a requirement which can add significant weight stress to the substrate. This rather costly approach also relies heavily on yet another set of fasteners perforating the original metal roof.

From this perspective, the use of lightweight, flexible coatings emerged as a major contributor in the metal roof restoration industry. These liquid rubber systems, referred to as elastomeric coatings, present an alternative to traditional asphalt and single-ply techniques. At the Youngstown Warren Airport in Youngstown, OH, the use of a fully adhered, seamless rubber membrane was viewed as an aesthetically pleasing, economically acceptable option. The search began for an elastomeric system that provided the airport the maximum value for their roofing dollars. TRUCO's Thermoplastic elastomeric surpassed all others for this project.

Unlike most elastomeric coatings, TRUCO's rubber does not require systemic reinforcement over vertical seams and fasteners. We’ve been specifying our synthetic rubber coatings for 38 years resulting in quality formulations supported by close communication with our applicators. Other properties include tenacious adhesion, high tensile strength, chemical & UV resistance and low moisture permeability. These components combine to produce a roofing systems of unparalleled quality. A system which when properly applied, assures building owners “Economical Quality Through Innovative Chemistry.”

Got Rust? We have a solution!

One of the primary benefits of thermoplastic rubber (SEBS) formulations is their self-priming capability over nearly all roof surfaces.  The bond strength of the coating together with its low perm/vapor barrier quality makes it ideally suited for tackling issues such as rust.  Unlike “breathable”, high perm coatings, Truco’s thermoplastic rubber will not allow any moisture or oxygen transmission to occur on the cured film.   This feature serves to protect the metal in a manner that many coatings can not match.

On severely rusted surfaces, the use of an acid etching conditioner is recommended.  RRC-600 is typically applied on heavy rust prior to power washing the roof.   Once applied, RRC-600 converts the rust from an oxide to a phosphate.  The inert residue can then be removed safely, leaving behing a metal surface that can be coated with confidence.

Is your commercial flat roof in need or maintenance or repair? Got rust? Leaks? Bubbling? Ponding water? Commercial roof repair can have large advantages over roof replacement.

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