Eterna-Seal® Rubber Coatings

Naturally, your commercial roof will start to deteriorate caused by fluctuating weather and UV Rays. Having a skilled commercial roofing company repair and restore it with our Eterna-Seal® Rubber Coatings will extend the life of your roof while also saving you money.

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Reduce Roof Repair Project Costs with TRUCO Coatings Elastomeric Coating Products

Your building requires an elastomeric roof coating designed to offer structural stability, seamless performance and lasting protection over many years. Our team at TRUCO Coatings offers the ETERNA-SEAL brand, which represents the highest caliber in elastomeric coating products. Each ETERNA-SEAL system is built for refined performance within specific roofing applications.

Why Choose an Elastomeric Roof Coating?

  • Long-term performance

Whether you select our 7140 Just Super, 7141 Super Seam Sealer, or 7145 SEBS Rubber Coating, you’ll achieve outstanding long-term value from your liquid rubber coating system. Each of our products has been refined through precision-testing within application-consistent conditions. Each substrate specification has been written to give our customers the best combination of coatings to extend their roofs life for the longest period possible.

  • Engineering guidance

Our team has decades of experience within the coatings marketplace. This means we’re the recognized specialists for a full range of engineering considerations. We can help you to analyze your roofing system and make a determination on the ideal coating product required. We can also help answer your questions about the performance of our systems to ensure your coating performs to the standards expected.

  • Intuitive performance

Repair teams harnessing our liquid rubber coating systems will experience intuitive application performance. They won’t require complex learning curves that limit project efficiency. Each system has been designed for the repair specialist to integrate simply within their day-to-day working processes. This ensures projects can be completed cost-effectively and quickly, to limit the impact on building operations.

  • Experience

Our comprehensive experience within the roofing industry means we understand the structural challenges that cause lasting damage. We know the impact of wind, rain and extreme temperatures on roofing materials, and we’ve responded to these challenges with our ETERNA-SEAL roof coating products.

  • Industry-Recognition

Our ETERNA-SEAL products are now found on roofing systems throughout the country. We’ve developed our networks within the roofing industry in North America to provide recognized brand value for those seeking a reliable elastomeric roof coating. It’s the commitment to excellence that has helped TRUCO Coatings grow over 40 years within the roof coatings industry.

  • Affordability

Our exceptional coating products provide the ideal, economical alternative to full roof replacement. Rather than having to spend thousands of dollars on a new roofing installing project, which can lead to building shutdowns, owners are now turning to our elastomeric roof coating systems. These systems are designed to repair damage from water intrusion and wind, and safeguard the entire structure of the property over many years.

  • Warranties

Each of our ETERNA-SEAL systems is protected by a comprehensive warranty covering all elements of the product when applied by a TRUCO certified contractor.  This means that you’ll achieve a full return on investment when you choose TRUCO Coatings for your roofing needs.

We pioneered the development of the Eterna-Seal® SEBS polymer resin formula. The product is now the preferred solution for architects, consultants and other members of the design and specification community. Considering a roofing replacement? Call now at (800) 227-4569 to save money and safeguard your property.

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