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NextGen Eterna-Seal® Non-Fibered Rubber Roof Coatings

7114 NF Metal Top Coat

TRUCO’s 7114 NF NextGen Eterna-Seal® Non-Fibered Rubber Roof Coating is a high-value Top Coat, to pair with TRUCO’s 7145 NF Metal Base Coat on Metal Roof applications! This Top Coat provides excellent waterproofing and ultraviolet resistance by creating a flexible, seamless membrane. 7114NF was specifically formulated as a Metal Top Coat with its excellent intercoat adhesion to the 7145 NF Metal Base Coat, bright white color, and high performing UV package. It is thermally stable and resists cracking and peeling due to weather extremes. Other properties include high tensile strength, chemical resistance and low water vapor permeability.

42" x 324'
12" x 300'
6" x 300'
4" x 300'
20 oz Sausage Tube
11 oz Sausage Tube
55 gallons
50 gallons
5 gallons
2 gallons
1 gallon
0.5 gallon pouch


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Applicable Roof Types

Metal Roof

With prolonged exposure to sun and weather, metal roofing systems inevitably deteriorate overtime — developing leaks, rust and corrosion. Years of heat-related expansion and contraction also loosen seams and fasteners, potentially damaging the roof and building structure. Whether you have a new metal roof or one in need of reinforcements, you can protect it and extend its lifespan with TRUCO Coatings easy-to-apply SEBS and Silicone roof coatings.

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