Why Replace a Roof When Metal Roof Restoration Is Often an Option?

Being continuously exposed to the elements, the roof of your building is one of the single most-vulnerable parts of your property.  It is continuously being worn down by sun, wind, rain, debris, and other weather effects over time.  Depending on the roofing materials used initially, degrading due to rot or rust, or similar decay may also be a factor.

Over time, these problems will necessarily lead to reduced roof function, and questions about whether a roof replacement is needed.  However, much of the time, metal roof restoration is an option.  Restoration, rather than replacement, can result in a roof that's better than it was at the time of installation, and at significantly lower costs.

What Does Metal Roof Restoration Entail?

Generally, most types of roof restoration involve the addition of a spray- or roll-on coating which is specifically designed to protect the roof and prevent any further damage.  These coatings, made of materials such as rubber or acrylics, act as a barrier protecting the roof against all potential hazards for years.

If the roof is especially rusted, it may also be necessary to remove the rust first.  This is accomplished by use of acids to eat away the rust.  Assuming there is still viable metal underneath, the coating layer will then prevent any more degrading of the material.

The Potential Benefits of Metal Roof Restoration

Lower Material and Labor Costs

Restoration and coating is vastly less expensive than full roof replacement. Further, because of the nature of roof coatings, they can simply be periodically re-applied as needed.  This can extend the lifespan of your roof potentially by decades, while remaining cost effective.

Improved Weatherproofing

A properly-coated roof will almost always have better water\snow resistance than an untreated roof.  Leaks are far less likely to occur, protecting valuable assets within the building, as well as the superstructure of the building itself.

Lowered Air Conditioning Costs

Many roof coatings are light-colored, and specifically designed to reflect away heat and UV rays.  The roof stays cooler, which in turn reduces the burden on your climate control systems.

Eco-Friendliness and Tax Credits

Most roof coating types are considered to be more eco-friendly than roof replacement.  When combined with the lower energy costs, they can often qualify a building for Energy Star or LEED credits - further increasing the cost-effectiveness of restoration.

Metal Roof Restoration from Experts

With nearly forty years in business and thousands of buildings serviced, TRUCO Coatings offers superior products and experience.  If your metal roof needs restoration or repair, contact us to learn about your options.