What Is The Difference Between Acrylic Roof Coating and Paint?

One of the most common misconceptions our TRUCO team runs into when telling people about the benefits of acrylic roof coating is: "... so it's paint?" It's easy to see why someone might think that acrylic roof coating is paint, since it's applied in much the same way, but that's really where the similarities end. If you invest in a coating of acrylic for your roof, you're getting far more than a paint job - you're getting an extra layer of defense for your roof that brings extra benefits as well.

The Differences between Acrylic Coating and Paint

It's true that many paints are acrylic-based, but that doesn't mean they're exactly the same. Acrylic roof coating is a completely different formulation than standard building paint, is significantly thicker, and is designed to achieve a much wider array of purposes. Standard acrylic paint changes the color of your roof. That's it! Acrylic coating has to comply with a unique set of performance criteria, including:

  • Flexibility at low temperatures.
  • Withstanding wide temperature variation without cracking.
  • Being able to expand and contract without cracking or otherwise failing.
  • Providing a safe walking surface and being proofed against damage from foot traffic.
  • High degrees of reflectivity.

This makes acrylic coating far more than simple paint. It's designed to act as a weatherproof barrier for your roof, stopping rain, hail, or other weather-related debris from ever reaching the actual rooftop. A coat of acrylic can become a sort of shield that protects your roof from damage. The coating also needs to provide benefits for your insulation and inside temperature control. Acrylic roof coatings are generally either white or light pastel, not for aesthetic purposes, but so they can reflect away a large amount of sunlight. This prevents your roof from heating up and transferring that heat into the building's interior.In addition, acrylic coating will help keep either hot or cold air from escaping via cracks in the roof. It's an all-around barrier that can substantially lengthen the lifespan of your roof at a very reasonable cost. Even if the acrylic does become damaged, repairs cost a fraction of what roof repairs would.

TRUCO Coatings Can Protect Your Roof

Acrylic roof coatings are affordable, long-term cost-cutting solutions to roofing challenges. Contact us today to learn more!