Three Amazing Benefits of Using Elastomeric Coatings on Modified Bitumen Roofing

While traditional angled roofs have many varied options in roofing solutions, depending on weather and demands, flat-top roofs are a different matter. There are relatively few options on the market for properly covering flat roofs, particularly because they have extra demands. The lack of angling means they must be able to withstand some level of standing water or snow, sometimes for long periods.

Of the options available, modified bitumen roofing is generally considered to be the best available in most cases. But to achieve lasting durability from modified bitumen roofing, property owners must review protective systems such as elastomeric coatings. Let’s look at the benefits of using elastomeric coatings on modified bitumen roofing.

Durable Performance

Applying elastomeric coatings on modified bitumen roofing can ensure that property owners minimize their maintenance costs over many years. Options such as TRUCO Coatings' Eterna-Seal Elastomeric Coating can provide lasting protection against lateral movement and help minimize wear that results from weathering. The Eterna-Seal Coating will allow for normal roofing contraction and movement while protecting the investment of the owner.

Moisture Protection

In applications involving flat roofs, building owners can select from a range of elastomeric coatings to offer comprehensive moisture protection over many years. A leading product within the current marketplace is TRUCO's Eterna-Seal, which has been shown in several case studies to offer exceptionally low moisture permeability while delivering leading-class aesthetic appeal within both commercial and residential applications.

Fire Resistance

Within warehousing applications, it’s critical to have access to products designed to mitigate fire hazards in the facility. Many of the leading elastomeric coatings are now designed with this functionality has a foremost consideration. For companies operating a facility in which fire hazards are a common concern, Just Super – 7140-FM from TRUCO Coatings is the product of note. Fire resistant additives have been included within the coating to help assure lasting fire protection.

Elastomeric coatings are now helping safeguard modified bitumen roofing systems and drive long-term value for property owners looking to mitigate maintenance costs. To learn more on any of the products highlighted here, call our team today!

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