The Three Elements to Consider before Replacing a Modified Bitumen Roofing System

Over time, modified bitumen roofing systems can develop structural issues that require building owners to consider their property maintenance options. These structural issues include granule loss, wear, and cracking. These issues may lead building owners to consider the replacement of their roofing system. But before taking on this process, it’s important consider the following three elements.

Replacement Cost

In terms of the financial advantages of replacing an entire modified bitumen roofing system, many property owners discover very few. That’s because it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace an entire roof. The older roof must first be removed with precision, ensuring that all granules and leftover elements are discarded. Then the installation team must analyze the parameters of the space to determine optimal placement of the roofing structure. Only after this careful analysis has been completed can actual installation work begin, and this installation can take a week or more depending on the environment and the type of building.

Time Requirement

The time required for the effective replacement of the roofing system is highly significant. Oftentimes, buildings have to be shut down for the duration of the work, impacting all businesses operating within the property. Even when employees are allowed inside during the installation work, the noise and the odors within the environment can make working effectively quite challenging.

Restoration Alternatives

Another important element to evaluate when reviewing new roofing installation options is the value of alternative products. Many building owners are now choosing to restore their older properties rather than committing significant resources to the installation of a new system. The roofing restoration marketplace is rapidly releasing new high-value systems to safeguard modified bitumen roofing against the cracking and granule loss that can cause long-standing structural problems. Options such as the proven liquid rubber roof coating known as Eterna-Seal manufactured by our team at TRUCO Coatings can help building owners minimize their costs while achieving the same high performance level expected of a new roofing system over future decades.

How TRUCO Coatings Can Help Safeguard Roofing Systems

Our team at TRUCO Coatings understands the roofing challenges building owners face. The restoration products we deploy are designed to provide a leading-class alternative to costly total roof replacement while creating a waterproof barrier that prevents the roof’s exposure to the elements. It’s an example of the research and innovation taking place at TRUCO Coatings each business day!

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