The Real Advantages of Cool Roofing Systems

At TRUCO Coatings, we're dedicated to helping our customers achieve superior cost- and energy-savings through cost-effective roofing improvements. Our range of roof coating solutions include highly effective cool roofing systems that can bring you substantial savings, both in the short and long term.

Our cool roofing systems are designed to be highly reflective, deflecting most of the sun's solar energy beaming down on your facilities. In some cases, this coating can reduce the roof's ambient temperature by up to 50-70 degrees! By preventing this heat buildup, you enjoy several very real benefits throughout your facilities.

Four Reasons to Choose Cool Roofing Systems

Lowered air conditioning bills.

The biggest -and most obvious- benefit to cool roofing coatings is that they can significantly, even drastically, reduce your air conditioning expenditures. Less heat being absorbed by your roof directly translates into less heat making its way into your building. Furthermore, our cool roof coatings are insulative, so they also work to keep the cold air in.

This combination of factors mean that cool roof systems can greatly cut your energy costs.

Easy retrofits.

Since we utilize spray-on techniques for our roof coatings, that means they can be applied to practically any existing roof surface. Likewise, spray-on coatings can work with even cluttered roofs with many surface features, while still having an even coat without leaks or seams.

This makes it easy and cost effective to apply a cool roof coating to virtually any existing roof. In addition, should repairs to the coating be needed, a patch job is exceedingly simple. We just spray on more where it's needed.

Long-lasting benefits.

Our rubberized spray systems can last for years with minimal maintenance. Liquid rubber is highly resistant to weather, cracking, oil, chemicals, physical impact, and a wide variety of other threats which can damage other roof coatings. Very little can harm a rubber coating aside from deliberate attempts to cut into it.

So, once you have a cool roof system applied, you can trust that it will continue to do its job for years. Its protective aspects will also extend the lifespan of your roof in general, delaying the need for other (often expensive) roof repair jobs.


Since our roof coatings can bring such significant energy usage cuts, cool roofing systems are quite eco-friendly in the long run. In some cases, a building may even be able to qualify for tax credits based on the energy reduction involved!

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