The Benefits of Metal Roof Coating Products in Fixing Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are now in use throughout the country as building owners look to mitigate energy costs with a reflective material designed to repel the sun’s rays. But oftentimes property owners are not getting their full return on investment in their metal roofing system, and require a coating product to safeguard their property in the long-term. In this latest post, our experts highlight the benefits that metal roof coating systems can have in maintaining metal roofing performance.

The Problem with Corrosion

Corrosion is a common challenge in buildings with metal roofs. The issue can have significant safety consequences throughout the property. Corrosion can affect the structural stability of the metal roof, leading to pitting, cracking and, over time, fracturing within the metal roofing structure. Not only does this present a significant cost risk, but it can also become a significant safety risk for the building owner. To counteract these risks, and ensure their metal roofing system reaches peak structural safety and performance, many building owners are now implementing metal roofing coating products.

Metal Roofing Coating Products: an Effective Solution

Using metal roof coating systems, building owners can alleviate corrosion issues and ensure the structure of their property is secured over the coming years. One option is TRUCO's thermoplastic rubber coating, which prevents moisture and oxygen transmission which can creates rust and other structural challenges within metal roofing systems. The following are clear benefits of thermoplastic rubber coatings, such as 7140 Just Super and our 7141 Super Seam Sealer.

Heat Reflectivity

Using high performance coatings such as thermoplastic (SEBS) rubber polymers, building owners can prevent heat damage to their roofing system. The heat reflectivity of these coatings safeguards property owners against rising internal building temperatures and growing AC costs as system demands increase.

Weather Proofing

Quality metal roof coatings help protect the building’s structure against the damage caused by wind and rain.  Fluid applied coatings are designed to seal off any areas in which snow or rain can damage the roofing structure.

Component Protection

Using superior performance metal roof coatings, such as the Eterna-Seal system, can provide significant component protection. Any elements in contact with the roof will be separated from the metal sheet and rivets that support a safe and sturdy roofing system.

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