The Advantages of Silicone Roof Coating Products Over Acrylic Options

In choosing a roofing product for your building, it’s imperative you gain a clear understanding on the potential performance of the system over the long-term. Before going into detail on the brand names available, you should discover more on the types of roof coating on the marketplace. To help guide you as you make your decision, TRUCO is highlighting the benefits of silicone roof coating products over acrylic options in this latest post.

Higher Solids Content

One of the leading reasons so many are now applying silicone roof coatings to their buildings is that silicone has a higher solids content than acrylic. This means that they can be applied thicker in a single coat without compromising on the application quality and the effectiveness of the coating after it has been cured. The higher solids content helps building owners save on labor costs and on time spent working on the roof. It also ensures the installer can minimize ponding issues during the application process.

Superior Performance

Another advantage of choosing silicone roof coatings is that they can provide you with superior performance of many years. The material has an impenetrable membrane that is designed to help it to resist ponding water better than any other coating on the marketplace. The silicone coatings don’t wear down quickly over time.  They will experience some wear and tear over many years, but they can be quickly recoated and will last far longer than other products. And because they are resistant to UV rays, silicone coatings retain their cool temperature and minimize heat transfer inside the property.

Easy to Use

In considering the benefits of a roofing material, you might also consider the value it provides to the integration team. When utilizing a roof coating product, whether it’s acrylic of silicone-based, you should carefully consider how easy it is to use. Silicone coatings cure faster than acrylic products, and they can also cure effectively in hot and cold temperatures, further highlighting the value they provide. It’s how they can eliminate some of the more common challenges associated with roofing repair projects.

TRUCO Can Help

Our team at TRUCO Coatings is here to guide you in analyzing the value of silicone roof systems in comparison to acrylic roof coating systems. To learn more on silicone coatings, and speak with our team about our latest silicone products, contact us today!