The Advantages of Metal Roof Coating

Why coat your metal roof?

Roofing is one of the single most valuable building assets, in terms of utility and overall necessity for day-to-day operation. A leaky or unstable roof can very quickly render an entire building unsafe or otherwise unusable.

There are a variety of metal roof coating options available which are all inexpensive on their own, but can add significant protections or working lifespan increases to the roof. If your roof is currently only bare metal, the right coating could be an excellent investment.

The Benefits of Various Types of Metal Roof Coating

Asset Protection

Above all else, no matter what form of coating is used, metal roof coating is about protecting your assets on both the exterior and interior of your building. Beyond extending the lifespan of the roof itself, they also protect everything below the roof as well, significantly reducing the chances of leaks or cracks. This protection also extends to the superstructure, helping reduce the likelihood of rot, rust, or other problems weakening vital support structures.

In theory, a roof protected by coatings which are reapplied periodically can have its useful lifespan extended almost indefinitely. The coating wears away, not vital components like the metal sheets or rivets. And coating will always be far less expensive to re-apply than entire re-roofing jobs.


The most common use for roof coatings is improving the weather protection of your roof. Coatings based in thermoplastic rubber can quickly and efficiently seal off any potential problem areas that could allow rain or snow to make their way into the building.

Heat Reflectivity

Another major issue with many common roof types is that they can be heat-absorbing, particularly roofing materials which are dark in color. There are lighter and reflective coating options available which can significantly increase your roof's resistance to heat-buildup and UV absorption, keeping the roof cooler and therefore lowering your air conditioning costs.


Is it advantageous that your roof remains somewhat permeable to gasses, such as where odors might build up? There are acrylic and silicon-based solutions available which can still provide high levels of protection, but without completely sealing off the roof to gaseous pass-through.

Have Your Roof Coated by Proven Experts

Roof coating can be dangerous and difficult - it's not a job for startup or inexperienced contractors. TRUCO Coatings has nearly forty years' experience working on roofs throughout the western states, with thousands of buildings serviced during our time in business.

To learn more about how metal roof coating can add significant long-term value to your roof, contact us today.