Questions to Consider When Using Coatings on Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen roofing is now used across the globe to provide effective structural performance in challenging environments. The roofing style holds great durability within cooler weather and is known to be simple to install on modern buildings. In ensuring they achieve full value for their investment in roofing systems, building owners must protect the system with high value coatings products. To help guide coatings selection and application, we’re offering several questions to consider when using coatings on modified bitumen roofing within this latest post.

What are the Application Requirements?

In achieving optimal performance from a roof coating system, it’s critical to consider the application requirements. Oftentimes, building owners are too eager to use the coating on their building, leading to ineffective application and therefore poor results over time. The coating will be offered with specific application standards related to the surface temperature as well as the dew point. Challenges may also arise if the product is applied on areas with high levels of surface moistures. These elements should be considered carefully and discussed with the coating manufacturer before the application process can begin.

How Long Will the Coating Last?

One of the foremost considerations in applying coatings on modified bitumen roofing is how long the coating will last when applied following the manufacturer’s instructions. The leading coatings from experts such as TRUCO Coatings are designed to safeguard the roof for a decade or more. But it’s important to speak with the manufacturer directly to determine the level of durability offered and the role of the building maintenance team in achieving optimal coating performance.

What are the Maintenance Requirements?

While most roofing coatings are designed to last a decade or more, this extensive durability is only assured through a clear understanding on coating maintenance requirements. Over time, issues such as extreme temperatures and blowing debris can damage the roofing and cause problems such as seam failures, which can lead to leaks. The building owner and their on-site team should have a clear understanding on how to identify these challenges and how to respond to these with leading-class maintenance techniques. Working with the coating systems manufacturer, owners can respond quickly to a maintenance issue while developing long-standing techniques to help prevent structural problems over the coming years.

Our team here at TRUCO Coatings is committed to offering high caliber coatings for the protection of modified bitumen roofing. We provide quality roofing coatings and solutions designed to repair, restore and extend the life of common roofing types. To discuss your coatings options, contact our trusted team today!