How to Select Acrylic Roof Coating Systems

Acrylic roof coating products can help property owners reduce their maintenance costs and safeguard their investment in roofing systems. But before entering the marketplace, it’s important to learn more on the roofing systems available, and their advantages. To guide property owners during the purchase phase, we offer our expert insights on how to select acrylic roof coating systems in this latest post.

Consider Wetting Characteristics

One of the most important elements driving the effectiveness of acrylic roof coating systems is their wetting characteristics. The acrylic should be designed for optimal wetting during the application process, to ensure that work teams achieve maximum coverage across the surface of the roof. The system should balance wetting performance with adhesion quality to help support superior protection during the post-installation phase.

Review Reflective Qualities

Many building owners selecting acrylic roof coating systems for their reflective qualities. But not all systems are designed with the optimal level of reflective materials. When the appearance of the roofing system is a key consideration, reflective coatings featuring white and pastel colors can be harnessed to keep the surface of the system cool. This has many benefits for the building owner, including consolidating energy expenditures and minimizing the need to overwork the AC system during the warmer months.

Choose a Product with a Reduced Integration Cost

A leading reason why many building owners are now harnessing acrylic roof coating products to safeguard their commercial roofing systems is the value the product offers over time. Acrylic systems are designed for high level sealing and simple integration. But if the price of the product is too high compared with other options, such as stucco and concrete, the value can be lost. Try to ensure the price for acrylic coating compares favorably with other options before making a large-volume order.

Work with the Manufacturer Closely

A common challenge many building owners face when trying to restore their roof is that they don’t work with the manufacturer of the restoration product. This can often mean they hire professionals who don’t know how to implement, maintain, and store the coating effectively, and they then lose thousands of dollars in having to redo the restoration work. Communicate with the manufacturer of the acrylic roof coating at each stage to ensure they approve of the installation work.

Our team at TRUCO Coatings is now offering expert guidance on acrylic roof coating products. We provide leading roof coatings and solutions designed to repair, restore and extend the life of common roofing types. To discover more on the latest options, contact us today!