How to Choose the Best Elastomeric Roof Coating

Elastomeric roof coating products hold significant value within the modern building. They help protect the underlying roof structure against moisture damage and breakage, while limiting leaks into a building. However, with so many different elastomeric coatings products in the marketplace, it can be difficult to know which system to choose. To help guide building owners as they review the various options available to them, we’re now highlighting the best techniques for choosing quality elastomeric roof coating products.

Review Reflectivity

Reflectivity is an important consideration for property owners who struggling with rising cooling costs. The higher a coating’s reflectivity, the more light and heat the system reflects away from the roof. Cool roof surfaces ensure that building components work more efficiently while reducing maintenance costs and wear on the system roof.

Consider Tear Resistance

In roofing areas that will be used consistently over time, the coating’s tear resistance is of the utmost importance. Roofing systems on commercial buildings with rooftop seating areas, for example, must be designed with high quality tear resistance to mitigate the impact of foot traffic.

Analyze Moisture Gain

When selecting an elastomeric roof coating, the goal is to choose a coating product that will repel water rather than soak up the moisture into the material. Evaluating the moisture gain by weight for the coating will help building owners understand how much moisture the system takes on over time, and thereby how high the potential is for degradation due to moisture over the long-term.

Learn more on Adhesion

The level of adhesion a roofing system offers will detail to building owners the material’s ability to resist adverse weather conditions. A product with strong adhesion will remain in place over many years and thereby protect the roof for the foreseeable future. Building owners must make sure the coating product they select has been proven to offer a superior level of adhesion resistance in testing procedures.  Eterna-Seal elastomeric roof coatings offer exceptional bond strength, properties include tenacious adhesion, high tensile strength, chemical & UV resistance and low moisture permeability.  A meticulously installed application will substantially prolong the service life and efficiency of many roofing systems.

Inspect the Elongation Factor

The elasticity of a roof coating refers to its ability to stretch and recover its original position over time. The ability to stretch is an important facet of the coating because it means that the product can move with the contraction and expansion of the roof without cracking. Products that provide a superior level of elongation are better able to hold their shape, and thereby better able to offer durability over many years. By turning to our trusted team here at TRUCO Coatings you can save money and pinpoint the highest quality elastomeric roof coating solutions on the market today.

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