How Elastomeric Roof Coating Protects Your Roof

Building owners looking for an easy, long-lasting, and relatively inexpensive solution for expanding the lifespan of their roofs could greatly benefit from an elastomeric roof coating. Our TRUCO elastomeric coatings bring numerous advantages over a basic roof installation, with very few drawbacks. Simply put, an elastomeric coating is a layer of a rubber-style substance which is sprayed onto the roof to create a complete layer of protection. If you are looking for a long-lasting solution for your roof that reduces maintenance, extends its lifespan, and improves life within the building, elastomeric coatings could do the trick.

Big Benefits from an Elastomeric Roof Coating

Prevent weather damage

Elastomeric coatings are resistant to most forms of damage, particularly direct impacts such as from a hailstorm. Being rubber-like, it's bouncy and resilient. It can also absorb most or all of the damage from direct debris impact as well - acting as a shield that prevents the roof itself from needing repair.

Simple repairs

Of course, no coating is 100% impervious. Elastomeric coatings are vulnerable to a few things, particularly puncture damage. This type of puncture damage should be addressed right away, so it can be repaired properly, before allowing a lot of water into the roofing substrate. However, even then, such coatings are generally extremely cheap and easy to repair - all it takes is spraying on a new layer over the hole or tear. This is vastly less expensive than repairing the roof itself.

Superior weatherproofing

Because the coating covers your rooftop end-to-end with a single seamless coat, your roof becomes effectively impervious to water, wind, and other elements. This prevents both rooftop and indoor maintenance. In addition, many elastomeric coatings are fire-resistant as well.

Improved insulation

An elastomeric roof coating also acts as highly effective insulation! It reflects away the heat of the sun, as well as UV rays, reducing the strain on your air conditioning systems. Plus, being impermeable, it helps keep your internal air from escaping via the roof.

Inexpensive installation and ongoing care

Finally, an elastomeric coating cost only a fraction of what a roof takes to install or repair, while vastly extending the lifespan of the roof. The coating itself could easily last a decade or more before requiring upkeep, and without the roof below ever seeing significant wear or damage.

Choose the Experts in Roof Coatings

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