Four Big Benefits from Metal Roof Coating

If you have a metal roof on your building, you're undoubtedly aware of how many maintenance issues it can cause.  Perhaps you've already had to replace it - at huge expense and inconvenience - due to damage over time.  Metal roofs have their benefits, but the long-term costs involved are a big issue. However, many of those costs and drawbacks can be mitigated with a simple metal roof coating.  An inexpensive coating of light-colored rubber or acrylic can greatly extend the life of your roof, while bringing other benefits as well.

Four Things You Should Know About Metal Roof Coating

It protects your roof from its biggest threat - the Sun.

Aside from the rare disastrous storm, nothing does more harm to a roof than the beating it receives every day from the Sun.  The combination of heat and high-powered UV rays will cause fading, cracking, blistering, and premature aging.  A coating will almost entirely prevent this.

A cooler roof means a cooler interior.

As a side effect of almost entirely reflecting away the Sun's heat and UV rays, your coated roof will remain significantly cooler throughout the year.  In turn, this translates to less strain on your AC and lowered energy costs, since the roof is no longer consistently pouring heat into your interior. It's also great insulation, so you should even save money during the cool months when you're running a heater.

A metal roof coating slashes your maintenance costs.

A coated roof is an armored roof.  Almost nothing outside of exceptional storms is capable of punching through the coating with such force as to damage the rooftop underneath.  And should the coating ever become torn or develop a hole, repair is usually as simple as applying a patch or spraying on new material. A roof coating often pays for itself in lowered maintenance alone.

it’s far more environmentally friendly than roof replacement.

Finally, roof coatings are good for the environment! Beyond the obvious benefits in terms of lowered energy use, they also delay or entirely prevent the need for full-scale roof replacements.  Roofing materials are often non-recyclable, so if they have to be replaced, that all goes straight to a landfill.

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