Four Benefits of Metal Roofing Systems

While there are many options in commercial roofing available, one of the most common is metal roofing systems. Generally based around aluminum and other lightweight metals, such roofing types have some clear advantages - particularly on sloping roofs. Flat roofs generally require different solutions.

In our experience, these are the reasons most commonly cited for choosing metal roofing systems.

4 Reasons Metal Roofing Is Preferred by Many Businesses

1. Long Life

Easily the single biggest benefit to metal roofing systems is their expected lifespan. Metal roofs are resistant to many of the problems that plague more traditional roofing types such as mold, mildew, pests, and rot, particularly if the metal is non-oxidizing. It's typical for metal roofing materials to carry warranties for 30-50 years, giving them superior cost-effectiveness over the long term.

2. Low Weight

Aluminum and similar products are extremely lightweight, compared to most other roofing solutions. While alternatives like concrete tiles can run up to 900 pounds per 100 square feet, metal options are generally in the 150-200-pound range. This means significantly less strain on your support structures and, if installed on new construction, can mean fewer support structures needed at all.

3. Quick and Easy Installation

Since metal roofs are installed in ways very similar to traditional tiles, there is far less need for specialty work or the sort of lengthy application\drying processes.  This can somewhat reduce costs on initial installation, as well as getting the roof functional more quickly.

4. Excellent Environmental Protection

Obviously, metal is effectively impervious to fire, at least any fire likely to break out within a building. Also, the nature of metal roofing means -when properly installed- it's waterproof and snow proof by default, with these elements simply sliding off of the roofing.  It's extremely hard for materials like snow to collect.

There are also a few downsides to be considered:

Additional Information about Metal Roofing System

1. Initial Cost

Metal roofs are often more expensive to install at first, although they do make up that difference -and more- thanks to their long-life span.

2. Noise

Metal roofs require extra insulation to prevent them from being excessively noisy indoors, particularly during rain or hail storms. This may add to installation costs.

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