Explaining the Value of Liquid Rubber Coating Products

Waterproofing products have evolved considerably in recent years as property owners seek a product that can be applied faster and offers greater durability. The latest liquid rubber coating products are now helping property owners seal leaks in their building to improve the indoor air quality and protect against damp, moist air that can lead to mold. Our team at TRUCO Coatings explains more on the benefits of liquid rubber coating systems within the modern building.

Immediate Application

Many owners are now capitalizing on the value provided by liquid rubber coating products because they can apply these products to an existing roofing substrate such as a metal roof, an EPDM roof or a granulated modified roof to name a few. The liquid rubber coatings can be applied quickly and will give lasting protection to the roof. There are a number of liquid coatings in today’s marketplace that allow for the protective products to be applied direct to the roof’s surface thus making the roof watertight.  This type of application significantly consolidates the time it takes to upgrade properties as opposed to a complete tear off.

Prolonged Adhesion

Due to the changes in the way that liquid rubber coating products have been manufactured, teams can now achieve prolonged adhesion from their coating systems. Used in the right project and after integration by a qualified professional, the products can be expected to last a decade or longer on the property. This means owners can consolidate their maintenance costs considerably and limit the amount of work they have to complete on their property for the forthcoming years.

Covers Rigid Foam Insulation

The insulation within the building must be protected against degradation over time. Liquid rubber coating products are now being updated to cover rigid foam insulation to offer a protective barrier that helps prevent moisture from entering the insulation. The inherent strength of the product means that liquid cannot enter the property through the roofing system, assuring the highest level of performance safety.

Ideal for Cold Weather

Building owners are now continually updating their coatings products in response to the demands placed upon them by cold weather. Cold weather can cause significant damage to coating areas, with cooler temperatures leading to cracking of the material. But new innovations are now helping protect roofing areas. Liquid rubber coating systems can now be applied even when temperatures are well below freezing, giving the property owner complete control over their coating projects.

Only by entrusting your liquid rubber coating products needs to a specialist within the marketplace can you ensure you find the right product to offer lasting value and exceptional performance for the years to come. Our team at TRUCO Coatings has decades of experience manufacturing quality liquid rubber coating products, and we’re now available around the clock to offer guidance.

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