Discover the Benefits of Repairing Rather than Replacing Your EPDM Rubber Roofing

When looking for solutions for flat-roof roofing materials, there are relatively few options available.  Of these, one of the most common is EPDM rubber roofing.  Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a synthetic rubber with a high ethylene content which is commonly used in seals, roofs, and a variety of car components.

While there is no "magic bullet" solution to all flat roofing needs, in many cases EPDM rubber roofing is the best choice for a variety of commercial building types. However, many building owners are now considering EPDM roofing replacement as an option this year. In this latest post, we’ll look at several reasons to consider repair using elastomeric coatings rather than replacement.

Restoration is Cost Effective

Many building owners believe that simply replacing an older roofing system is more cost-effective than repairing their old structure. But this is often not the case. Repairing EPDM rubber roofing and using elastomeric coatings to protect the system can help ensure that even decades’ old roofing lasts for many years to come. Not only will this help safeguard the structure and present the ideal appeal to the building, but it will help building owners reduce their costs by thousands of dollars, in comparison to the labor and materials costs for buying and installing a new system.

Repair Work Ensures Timely Response

Repairing EPDM rubber roofing can help protect the system while mitigating the need to shut down the building for a prolonged length of time. Oftentimes, the time it takes to remove the old system, source the new roofing materials, and then install the new roofing can place a significant burden on the building owner. Whether it’s a commercial building or a residential property, those inside won’t have secure access to the property during replacement work. By choosing repair work and elastomeric coatings to improve an older system, building owners can reduce project timelines.

Restoration Assures a Sustainable Approach

With many building owners now favoring environmental strategies in managing their property, restoration aligns with sustainability. A restorative approach rather than full replacement can ensure that older materials are improved upon rather than requiring new materials to be processed, manufactured and transported to the building. By simply repairing their EPDM rubber roofing system, owners can showcase their commitment to environmentalism while achieving a high-performance roofing structure for many years to come.

It’s clear that repairing EPDM roofing structures offers multiple benefits over alternative replacement strategies. To discover more on the importance that elstomeric coatings can play within this repair strategy, speak with our coatings leaders directly.

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