Different Types of Cool Roofing Systems & Their Benefits

Cool roofing systems available at TRUCO are among the most popular options on the market for improving the durability and lifespan of nearly any roofing type. These are referred to as "cool" roofing systems due to their method of application: They are either sprayed on or use traditional adhesives, rather than requiring high amounts of heat to install, cure, or set. This brings several advantages right from the start. Cool roofing systems are quicker and easier to install, they're much safer for workers handling installation, and in many cases, they're all-in-one products that minimize the materials needed. By itself, this makes them more attractive than many other roof protection systems. However, there are several different types of cool roofing available. Let's look at a few of the options from TRUCO.

Understanding Different Cool Roofing Systems

Cold Process Built-Up Roofs

Simply put, cold process built-up roofs are created in layers, alternating between roofing material and adhesive, to create a much stronger and more durable roof than a single-ply method. The most common technique is to use heavyweight asphalt-coated fiberglass sheets with spray-on adhesive holding them together. They may also include layers of polyester reinforcements to add stability. Then, once the layers are built up, a final coating is added to seal the entire pile and increase its weatherproofing.

Modified Bitumen Coating

Bitumen coating has long been a popular option for roofs, due to its strength, insulative properties, and general flame resistance. However, it had one major drawback - it generally had to be applied on top of a layer of hot asphalt, or else use direct heat application, like a blowtorch, to bond it in place. Now, however, there are cold-process adhesives which can work almost as well. The bitumen coating is mechanically attached to the roof as well, for extra strength.

Liquid Membranes

The newest solution in cool roofing systems come in the form of liquid membranes. These are often the quickest and easiest to install. Made of acrylics or rubber, they can generally be applied much like paint - either rolled or sprayed on. They can be quickly put in place, are self-setting, and naturally form seamless membranes even on highly complicated roof topographies.

Extend the Life and Utility of Your Roof

TRUCO has nearly forty years' experience in cool roofing systems and their installation. Contact us to consult on which solutions would be best for your roof!