Common Myths: Acrylic Roof Coating

We're not entirely sure why, but there are a lot of outright false myths floating around about acrylic roof coating and other fluid roof coats. It still surprises us when we get resistance from building owners or maintenance managers when we talk about acrylic roof coating, particularly when they refer to ideas that are either long out-of-date or were simply never true. So today, our TRUCO team wanted to address some of the myths we hear most often, and what the truth is instead.

Debunking Four Myths About Acrylic Roof Coating

The Myth: Fluid roof coatings "don't work."

The Reality: We don't even know where this comes from.  Roofers looking for extra repair jobs, maybe?  Either way, acrylic roof coatings can absolutely extend the lifespan of your roof, while lowering maintenance costs.  They’re excellent for sealing up -and preventing- the small cracks and holes which could easily go unnoticed on a disused roof.

The Myth: Having a roof acrylic job done is disruptive.

The Reality: It's true that many forms of roofing repair can be highly disruptive to work environments, but that's not true when talking about fluid roof coatings - particularly in recent years.  The noise involved is generally quite minimal, since the acrylics are simply sprayed on.

The Myth: Anyone can install roof coatings.

The Reality: While there will always be dedicated DIY types who love teaching themselves new skills, the reality is that roof coatings really need to be applied by specialists.  In many cases, the manufacturers of the roof coating materials will require certified skilled labor to do the install to provide warranty support! Speaking of which...

The Myth: Warranties are all the same.

The Reality: This is one we can only attribute to some people not wanting to get bogged down in details.  It's vitally important to always read and/or discuss the warranty when you're having major changes made to your roof.  They may have very specific usage requirements in place, or situations where the warranty doesn't apply. For example, some rooftop coatings can't handle pooled water and require sufficient drainage. People who ignore such warranty caveats are asking for trouble!

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