Aluminum Roof Coating or Replacement? What Are Your Options For Fixing Up An Aluminum Roof?

It's no secret that an aluminum roof will degrade over time, particularly if it's a flat roof which sees heavy weather or frequent foot traffic. As the roof gets weaker, it'll start leaking more, as well as increasingly being unable to effectively keep your temperature-controlled air within the building. Over the years, the question of whether you have to repair or replace your roof will start to come up.If your roof is in the proper condition, aluminum roof coating could be the right option - it's far less expensive than re-roofing, and can extend the life of the roof by many years. However, that most depend on the condition of your roof.

When a Roof Needs To Be Replaced

There will be times when no amount of ad-hoc restoration will fix a roof which has become substantially degraded. Or, at least, you won't get real value from the money you spend trying to restore it since the restoration attempts won't last long.You probably won't be able to avoid having a metal roof replaced if:

  • The roof has ceased to be structurally sound.
  • Many holes have been punched or eaten through the metal.
  • The metal is becoming brittle from frequent expansion/contraction, or temperature changes.
  • The majority of roof panels are in need of replacement.
  • The substrate underneath the roof is already highly degraded due to roof damage.

In such cases, your best option will be to go ahead and have the roof replaced. However, if the roof is not in such bad condition - or if it's newly installed and you want to protect it from the start - there's another option: aluminum roof coating.

The Benefits of Aluminum Roof Coating

Roof coatings can be made of rubber, acrylic, or various other materials, but the end result is a rubbery membrane which covers your entire roof. This membrane can:

  • Be sprayed on directly, reducing installation costs.
  • Create a water-tight barrier against weather.
  • Act as a shield protecting the roof from physical damage.
  • Reflect away damaging sunlight and UV rays.
  • Improve rooftop insulation, lowering A/C costs.
  • Increase the lifespan of the roof by years, or even decades.

Aluminum roof coatings can be applied to virtually any type of roof, regardless of pitch/angle, and come in many formulations to fit your specific needs.Is a roof coating restoration the right option for your roof?

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