10 Roofing Systems to Keep Your Building Cool

Looking to learn more about roofing systems that keep your building cool? To help guide you as you learn more about the latest marketplace options, here's the 10 roofing systems to keep your building cool throughout the year. Here at TRUCO, we provide coatings to your existing roof that can provide the same benefits as a new cool roof at a fraction of the cost!

White Metal Roofing

White metal roofing is designed to reflect about 66% of the sun’s energy. One of the main benefits of the product is that it cools quicker in the evening, keeping the building cool and reducing the need for air conditioning in the later afternoon.

Slate Tile

Slate is designed to reduce the heat absorbed by the building. The natural material is highly reflective but it’s also important to consider the price, as slate can be more expensive than other roofing systems.

Terra Cota and Clay

In warm climates, with little precipitation, terracotta and clay are a leading choice. They’re light coloured and don’t retain much heat.

Green Roofing

Green roofing systems incorporate a natural soil barrier, which is designed to cool the roof naturally through soil temperature and greenery.

Rubber Membrane Roofing

Rubber membrane roofing is a single-ply structure made from a rubber-like membrane. These products feature white coatings, which reflect the sun’s rays to keep the underlying building cool.

Solar Systems

Solar systems work to capture the heat and redirect solar power into electricity. They’ll help building owners save on energy costs.

White Flat Tile

While flat tile products are available in a range of lighter colours to keep the roofing system cool over time. The product has ranked highly in testing for reflectivity and durability.

White Barrel S Tile

The white barrel S tile is made from concrete and is exceptionally effective at keeping the sun’s rays out of homes. They’re designed to reflect about 74% of the sun’s energy from the roof.

Light Colored Concrete

The light-colored concrete options are designed to help maximize the efficiency of a concrete roof system. Because concrete is heavy and takes a long time to heat, it’s a natural solution for cool roofing systems.

Overlays and Radiant Barriers

Applying coats of an overlay can help to reflect heat from the building. While radiant barriers such as aluminum between the home’s interior and the roof provide significant heat protection. The experts at TRUCO Coatings are here to guide you in choosing the ideal roofing materials for your upcoming project. To learn more, contact us today!

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